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Olympics in Illyriad! (^_^)   Leave a comment

Check out this site for some great mini games!  Mua ha ha!!!


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Before Coffee   4 comments

Before Coffee

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The Clay Incident (as told by Ryelle)   Leave a comment

I have heard about this for MONTHS,
but nobody ever told the story behind it.  (^_^)

<Fluffy> dont want to repeat the clay incident
<sajreth> noooo….not THE incident!
<john5420> very sad story
<john5420> the clay incident
<PrimutusV> please not the clay incident still makes me cry
<Ryelle> oh, saj
<Ryelle> please don’t tell the noobs about the clay incident
<Ryelle> we don’t want to scare them away
<sajreth> of course not!
<Vecinu86> what is this clay incident?
<PrimutusV> please dont ask
<sajreth> my elves still hold candle light vigils
<john5420> such a sad story, still keeps me up some nights
<Ryelle> I still have flashbacks
<PrimutusV> so much suffering
<Vecinu86> I’ve been hearing about it in the last 2 days so much that \i’m just dying to know
<john5420> I was the noob they told … trust me you dont want to know
<PrimutusV> he was such a lovely man to
<john5420> It has stunted my growth … and I can’t sp33l right either
*Vecinu86 is sooo curious about this
<john5420> the horror of it all
*john5420 faints
*sajreth thinks we should get the GM’s to build a memoria somewhere in Illy for the incident!
<Ryelle> I dunno if I can face talking about it again
<Ryelle> I dunno … shall I tell them?
<Ryelle> Fluffy and his beer!
<Ryelle> he gets overexcited sometimes
<Ryelle> and he does like to help new players
<Ryelle> I guess they should probably know
<Ryelle> it’s for their own good
<sajreth> agreed a warning could be in order!
*john5420 faints … ( isn’t any one going to snuggle me back to health?)
<Ryelle> could someone please snuggle john?
<PrimutusV> was not always called fluffy you know some say a much darker past lurks beneath that willing smile
<Ryelle> well, new players, please gather round
<Ryelle> you need to know
<Ryelle> you may recall that I urge you when I first see you
<Ryelle> to upgrade your storehouse
<Ryelle> first thing
<Ryelle> most new players, thank goodness
<Ryelle> heed the words of the vets
<Ryelle> and sometimes they even listen to me
<Ryelle> and upgrade their storehouses
<Ryelle> but it has not always been so
<Ryelle> Primutus, do you want to tell the tale
<Ryelle> since you were there?
<PrimutusV> i made a promise which i can never break on pain of death i must be silent
<Ryelle> ok, I will tell it as someone told it to me
<Ryelle> well, the young lad had not upgraded his storehouse
<Ryelle> and Fluffy
<Ryelle> dear, dear Fluffy
<Ryelle> wanted to help
<Ryelle> you new players have to understand, I’m about to tell you about one of the greatest danger to new players in Illy
<Ryelle> the vets can protect you against enemy armies
<Ryelle> we can track thieves to their homes
<Ryelle> and retrieve your stolen goods
<Ryelle> we can replace your research points if you are hit by saboteurs
<Ryelle> but this …
<Ryelle> there is no protection
<Ryelle> no escape
<Ryelle> no avoiding this terrible fate!
<PrimutusV> no no!
<Ryelle> so Fluffy, he had the best of intentions
<Ryelle> he wanted to help this new player
*john5420 covers ears
<Ryelle> so he sent out the care-a-vans
<sajreth> I don’t know if I can read anymore…..
*sajreth begins trembling
*Ryelle breathes shakily
<Ryelle> I’m not sure I can go on
<Ryelle> are you newbs sure you want to hear this?
<sajreth> be strong Ryelle!
<PrimutusV> Tears floods of tears
*john5420 sneaks in and steals Ryelle before she can finish
<sajreth> they MUST be warned
<Ryelle> well, the caravans reached the gates of the city
<Ryelle> and they began to unload the wagons
<Ryelle> first they unloaded the wood
<john5420> noooooooooooooo
<Ryelle> and that was ok
<Ryelle> Fluffy’s wood is the best!
<Ryelle> then they unloaded the stone
<Ryelle> he had not sent much stone
<Ryelle> so that was ok
<Ryelle> then they unloaded the iron
<Ryelle> and the storehouse began to be full
<Ryelle> but there was still room for the iron
<Ryelle> but then
<Ryelle> oh then
*Fluffy stumbles into chat
*Ryelle draws in a deep, quavery breath
*sajreth runs and hides behind a tree….noooo!
<Ryelle> the CLAY!
<Fluffy> wee
<Ryelle> the young lad stood in front of the caravans of clay
<Ryelle> and gave the order to unload
<Ryelle> and …
<Ryelle> some have described the sight to me
<Ryelle> I don’t know who to believe
<Ryelle> for that young lad, that new player
<Ryelle> was completely CRUSHED
<Ryelle> by the load of clay
*Ryelle shakes head sadly
<Ryelle> never heard from again
<PrimutusV> sad so sad
*Ryelle reaches out to hug Primutus
<Innoble> they say he is now one of the human statues you can find. One made of clay.
<Alagos> a sad tale Ryelle!
<Ryelle> it was TERRIBLE
<Alagos> has therapy helped?
*Ryelle is forever scarred by the incident
*Ryelle sniffle
<Xarthos> poor Ryelle
<Ryelle> anyone have …
<Tanis tolis> here s a tissue Rye
<Ryelle> a haaankerchief?
<Ryelle> oh, thank you tanis
*Ryelle blows nose noisily
*Ryelle hand tissue back to Tanis
<Ryelle> so all I ask of new players is
<Ryelle> PLEASE
<Ryelle> PLEASE
<Ryelle> PLEASE
<Tanis tolis> throws it in trashand says ewww..thx a lot Rye…lol
<Ryelle> for the love of all you hold sacred
*Ryelle retreats to ac, sobbing

This (above) is the condensed version.

For the full version, visit this link:


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Evil Rats   Leave a comment

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At Work…   Leave a comment

At Work

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Victorious Battle!   Leave a comment

Victorious Battle!

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