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What has happened to the heart?   4 comments

Last night I dreamed that players has restarted the HoC by sending attacks to it.

I have been so busy with school these last few months that I have had barely a moment to check up on the Heart. Although it hasn’t started back up (to my disappointment), it has grown slightly.

I have looked at a lunar calendar. The attacks on April 1st hit during a waxing gibbous phase. The full moon was set to take place on the 6th, and the HoC died off around the 5th – so I don’t see this having any effect on it’s growth or how long it remains beating. Furthermore, the online forum reports that it died off after only 4 days of beating. (a mystery indeed)

I was asked what units I sent to the heart. The units sent were all T2 Knights. These were my focus during the tournament. Is there any relation to its speedy growth and the strength of the unit sent at it? Or is the growth based on numbers? I will begin testing this shortly after it triggers and dies a second time. Until then, I cannot speculate on this.

This is a current image of the HoC (taken 5 minutes ago) and below is the transition image of its growth from before. As you can see, the heart should be evolving soon if more troops are sent to it.

Let’s keep looking into this, and please post new information in the HoC thread:

Posted May 15, 2012 by illyriadsunstorm in Other