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With this month’s Illyriad tournament, the developers have opted for a darker theme (well, what do you expect when the tournament runs for a month and ends on All Hallows’-Eve.  Gamers, prepare yourselves for some ghoulish fun as alliances attempt to gather up “lost souls.”  (^_^)  Mua ha ha ha ha

Soul Pylon Set:

Soul Pylon Normal Soul Pylon Slow

The original images are of a much higher quality (higher than .gif can go at 256 palate). For this reason, the transparency is poor. To see the full res image, go to the game. (^_^)

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What has happened to the heart?   4 comments

Last night I dreamed that players has restarted the HoC by sending attacks to it.

I have been so busy with school these last few months that I have had barely a moment to check up on the Heart. Although it hasn’t started back up (to my disappointment), it has grown slightly.

I have looked at a lunar calendar. The attacks on April 1st hit during a waxing gibbous phase. The full moon was set to take place on the 6th, and the HoC died off around the 5th – so I don’t see this having any effect on it’s growth or how long it remains beating. Furthermore, the online forum reports that it died off after only 4 days of beating. (a mystery indeed)

I was asked what units I sent to the heart. The units sent were all T2 Knights. These were my focus during the tournament. Is there any relation to its speedy growth and the strength of the unit sent at it? Or is the growth based on numbers? I will begin testing this shortly after it triggers and dies a second time. Until then, I cannot speculate on this.

This is a current image of the HoC (taken 5 minutes ago) and below is the transition image of its growth from before. As you can see, the heart should be evolving soon if more troops are sent to it.

Let’s keep looking into this, and please post new information in the HoC thread:

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Today was the official attack on the Heart of Corruption!
Click here to go to the forum thread about it.

Well, as it turns out, we made the heart beat! (^_^)

This is the heart from a little over a week ago (with a filter applied to the surrounding terrain on the left):

Now watch the growth!

In addition to this, the heart has began beating and the three nearby temples have been given ominous names!!! (^_^) I’m so excited!

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Illyriad Cities (.gif)   1 comment

Cities Set:

Elf No Wall Human No Wall Dwarf No Wall Orc No Wall
Elf Wall Human Wall Dwarf Wall Orc Wall

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Recently I have been fooling around with the .gif files in the game.  My goal is to make some avatar icons which players can link to for use in the forums.  I hope to make more soon.

Elemental Set:

Blue Fast Blue Slow All Four Slow
Red Fast Red Slow Red and Blue Fast


Magical Stones:

Stones Fast

Stones Slow

Keep in mind: Although these images work on a dark background, they will look better on white or some other light background. (^_^)

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One more battle in Tor Carrock   1 comment

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As some of you are aware, there was a slight disturbance in the force yesterday over at [-830|334] in Fremorn.  I set up my system to record (around 22:48) it for your viewing pleasure.

Kudos to [FreE], [Calcr], and [Curse]!

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